Air Vent Cleaning Phoenix

Take a deep breath and know the air you are breathing fresh clean air.

 Arizona is known for its dry dusty climate. During our hot summer monsoons, dust seems to get everywhere. No matter how many times you clean your house, you can't seem to get it all. No matter how clean you keep your house, you probably never though about your air vents

Now that summer is over, it's a good time to get those vents clean. Dust and other allergens get sucked up into your air vents and spread through you whole house. Not only can these particles dirty your whole house, these particles can cause health and allergy problems.

While regular changing of air filters is important, that alone is not
enough. You need to have your air ducts cleaned by a professional on a regular basis. Call us now to make an appointment before it's time to turn on your heater. Make sure your family is breathing clean fresh air

In the winter time, people often use fire places and wood burning stoves. Even though this my smell good, soot and debris will work its way into your house and settle in your vents. Keep It Clean, Phoenix will come in and clean out all your vents for one fair price.
Dryer Vents:

No matter how often you clean your dryer filter, there is no way to get everything. Many people seem to thing that simply emptying the air filter is enough.This simply is not the case.

Clogged and dirty dryer vents are a major cause of house fires! Tiny particles that slip through your dryer vent work their way to your vents were they build up over time. Lint particles are very flammable and hard to get to once they ignite. Don't take chances with your family. 

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