Dryer Vents

A home fire can be very devastating. Everything you own can be destroyed right before your eyes. If you’re lucky enough to escape, your home and valuables will be gone. So why is a cleaning company talking about fires? The answer is quite simple. 

Thousands of fires are caused every year by dryers. More specifically, fires are cause by lint and debris built up in your dryer vent. The Dryer vent cleaning Phoenix residents trust is Keep it Clean, Phoenix. We will come out and make sure your dryer vents are clean and clear. Phoenix dryer vent cleaning is a phone call away

Dryer vents are often over looked by many home owners. No matter how many times you clean the lint trap, some particles will get through. In time these particles build up in the dryer vents themselves. Not only does this affect the performance of the dryer, but dryer lint is also extremely flammable.

Protect your home and you energy bill by letting Keep It Clean Vent Cleaning come out and clean out your dryer vents. Call and ask about our dryer vent cleaning phoenix special and pricing

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